Palatul de Justitie 3D

22 iunie 2014 Alex Galmeanu Bucurestii in istorie

Chiar daca pare foarte la moda acum, tehnonogia fotografica 3D este mult mai veche. Completand seria imaginilor tridimensionale din Bucuresti , am gasit aceasta imagine reprezentand Palatul de Justitie de pe malul Dimbovitei vazut din zona fostului pod Rahova.

Even if it seems to be very fashionable nowadays the 3D technology is a lot older. To add to the series of three-dimensional images of Bucharest , I found this image with the Palace of Justice on the banks of Dimbovita seen from the area of the former Rahova Bridge.

Fotografia nu este datata dar pare realizata undeva in perioada interbelica. Pe verso este acompaniata de urmatorul text in engleza pe care il reproduc integral:

The photograph is not dated but seems to have been taken sometime in the Interwar period. On the back of it a text in English is written which I will fully quote here:

“It was seven hundred years ago, as the legend records, that Bucur, a pious shepherd, stood on the banks of the Dimbovitza River and started, with a humble and fervent heart, to build a wooden church. A church of Bucur still stands on a hill of the city, but around it has sprung up Bucharest, known for the last five centuries as “the wonderful city.” Another tradition has it that the name of the city was derived from the Rumanian word for pleasure, “the city of enjoyment.”

Bucuresti in the past has overcome the most serious reverses such as fire, famine, earth-quakes and invasion. Today it is not only the capital of Rumania but the embodiment of the spirit of the Rumanian people. It is an interesting city, built on both sides of the Dimbovitza.  The river is spanned by about  a dozen bridges, substantially built of iron or, like the one before us, of stone. Three-shaded promenades border each side of the river and along the banks of the river are to be found the open-air bookstores and the carpet and shawl bazaars that add so much of the picturesqueness of the streets. The building at the left in the Palace of Justice. As the capital of Rumania, Bucuresti is the seat of the courts, the meeting place of parliament and the winter residence of the royal family. The various government buildings are all magnificient, stately structures and, together with the many huge public gardens filled with exotic flowers, give to Bucuresti a picturesque appearance. Rumanians call it the “Paris of the East.””

“Iustrata” tridimensionala a fost publicata de Keystone View Company, o companie americana. Mai pulte despre zona fotografiata si despre podul Rahova gasiti aici.

The three-dimensional “postcard” was published by Keystone View Company, an American company. More about the photographed area and the Rahova Bridge can be found here.

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